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    We have eyes, they are viewers but also projectors. And if in fact there was much more to learn from others around us? People like you? We are all super-heroes, sometimes without knowing it


  • نحن الأبطال الخارقين - We Are Superheroes


    Programs to rebuild the human in Aleppo


  • Thank you for helping to help.

    نحن الأبطال الخارقين - WE ARE SUPERHEROES est une petite association que j'ai créée pour me rapprocher et aider les communautés marginalisées à travers le monde via des petits programmes sociaux, éducatifs et psychologiques, essayer de renforcer leur autonomie. Bidonvilles, quarantaines, zones de conflit, j'i improvisées des missions qui s'adaptaient aux besoins et souvent orientées vers la jeunesse pour les aider à croire en eux, se construire ou se reconstruire des repères étape par étape.

    J'ai appelé cette association We Are Superheroes parce que l'objectif principal était d'aider les gens à se reconstruire. La guerre continuant, étape par étape, j'ai construit des projets qui pourraient apporter quelque chose de précieux en fonction des situations que j'ai rencontrées. Il ne s'agit pas de jouer les organisations, il s'agit d'être humain et d'essayer d'aider au mieux. Jusqu'à présent, je financais presque tout par moi-même parce que je voulais aider autant que je le pouvais de la manière qui me semblait la plus juste. Tous ces petits programmes sont dans cette mentalité, pour la vie, l'espoir, le futur et essayer d'aider surtout les jeunes à se reconstruire.
    Pour comprendre ma présence en Syrie. Je fais de mon mieux pour aider, soutenir, construire etc. dans différents pays depuis ces dernières années avec mes propres moyens et je vais continuer pendant cette prochaine année ici à Alep sinon plus ... mais quels que soient les sacrifices ou risques pris, il y a des centaines de personnes qui se battaient déjà tous les jours depuis des années pour aider les gens à survivre, à continuer, longtemps avant que je ne mette un pied en Syrie, certains ont donné leur vie pour ça. Je ne suis qu'une petite goute d'eau aujourd'hui et ne mérite pas tant d'honneurs. Des centaines de message, des milliers de followers, ... merci, c'est vraiment encourageant, mais nombreux sont ceux qui se battent ici, depuis longtemps et dont on ne parle pas assez, je n'aime pas du tout être sur le devant de la scène comme ça mais je n'ai pas le choix, je dois témoigner ... même si l'océan est faite de goutes d'eaux unies ensemble, même si chacun apporte quelque chose, ne vous y trompez pas, ils sont les vrais héros aujourd'hui. Translate in English here.


    It's a big challenge everyday, I invested everything I owned for that. Thank you for your help

    Tous les jours c'est un challenge, j'ai vendu tout ce que je possède pour y arriver. Merci pour votre aide <3



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    Different human goals like teaching entrepreneurship and self confidence process in the slums. From children selling pencils in the street to former gang members.


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     نحن الأبطال الخارقين

    We Are Superheroes

    Aleppo project

    Making sens about what's really happening in Aleppo, the life, the stories, the reality, but also different programs to hep youth to develop their skills, projects and believe in their future.

  • Memories for me, daily for others

    Social actions and memories in different countries and communities 

    A school in 5' for 0$

    Street-teaching in 20 cities

    2 - 3 times a month, I continue my little educational experience that consists in sharing skills in the street with anyone who needs it and doesn't especially have that opportunity. (Languages, HR, entrepreneurship ...) My idea may look miserable, but when I look closer to it, I see, for example, a school built in 5 minutes right in downtown Los Angeles that has for only investments a few hours, patience and a piece of cardboard. All of this to benefit people who really need it and to provide them with skills that can help to make the difference. From an entrepreneurial point of view, it is called "lean" (?) These meetings are always interesting, former gang members, homeless people, workers, students and all types of individuals. It affects people walking by, it affects people who decide to come and help and finally, it affects a lot of curious ones that come and start talking to me. This happens every time. In these moments, some are shy and curious and just slow down as they pass. They do not dare to stop but they smile to me. That keeps you warm when you have been staying outside doing this for 5h.

    New steps for former gang members

    “Blood in, blood out” 

    Pushed or pulled, there is no minimum age to belong to a gang or sell drugs in the street for a cartel. Negative outside factors, barriers, and conditions in the social environment such as poverty, family problems, and lack of success in school, there are a lot of reasons. I've been working with different people to help children and teenagers to stay out / get out of a gang by trying to provide them with an alternative, a purpose (youth sport for example). Short-term gang members are generally able to leave the gang without serious consequences. I mostly worked on my own in the streets with former gang members. The first objective was to get their trust. The concept of street-school (article "A school in5' for 0$") was for example a great way to be visible and to introduce myself to random gang & former members. (MS13, Barrio18, TVR, Crips) You have no idea of the work they have to do, and the many barriers they face to get out of it such as tattoos, self image, lack of employment skills, lack of official documents, lack of methods for obtaining a job, personal issues such as anger issues, family conflict, mental health issues, and involvement in substance abuse. My work, I am aware of it, was definitely incomplete with the fact that I could not create a long term link and help. However, I feel that it helped them to find a new start, set goals, identify their skills, qualities and empower their self-esteem. A modest help but priceless for them.

    Fukushima prohibited radioactive area

    Meeting "ghosts"

    I came here with a local Japanese, we escaped from the police and we were able to enter in the area surrounding the nuclear plant. Initially the objective was to meet people who still live in this radioactive area, sometimes up to 11 mSv. I decided to go further, to see by myself what's happening here. One reason which probably justifies that there was more police in Fukushima than in Tokyo is probably (among other things) because they bury and store thousands of radioactive barrels on the ground in the fields. I went inside abandoned buildings half-destroyed by the earthquake, it was an apocalyptic vision but terribly realistic.

    Génocides in South Africa

    Or "xenophobia attacks"

     Some people prefer to call these attacks ‘xenophobic’ but you cannot deny that these killings target specific groups of people. Men armed with machetes, trees burned down on the side of the road, the pillaging of the centre of the old CBD where dozens of men and women elbow each other out of the way to get into bread shops probably belonging to Ethiopians people, the latter being the target of South Africans who believe they are helping to reduce their unemployment rate by increase job opportunities if they kill foreigners settling in South Africa, the atmosphere over there is indescribable, apartheid has mutated

    The Death Train

    Freedom or the entry way to hell

    Facing the "Bestia", this train killing many dailly migrants attempting to enter Mexico and to the USA. living in Mexico with a small group of Mexicans, Las Patronas. For 20 years they fed every day men, women and children who try to escape from violence in Central America. They take real risks every day, first because assisting migrants is considered as a crime in Mexico, but also with theses trains whose have no mercy for life. They sacrificed their personal lives and are an example of courage, self-sacrifice, intelligence ... and so on ! I noticed that it is both an emergency, they cross in conditions that makes their life expectancy very low ... but also a beautiful moment, a game, they tend hands to catch the bags, water bottles, some jump from the train and run with us, they try at all costs to catch something, everyone laughs, those on the roof screaming for our attention, the train noise is terrible and we must be on guard with these pieces of metal protruding from all sides ... a moment of levity where we become back children a few minutes ... before the train leave, the connection breaks and we return to our lives, we say goodbye... Standing on the cars, their silhouettes and "muchas gracias" echoing in the wind, then, silence. We go back to work preparing the next train.


    Waste lands around the world

    A more realistic world

    I lived in 11 slums in Africa, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil. I wanted to give a voice to these extraordinary communities living outside the world we know. Nobody wants to live in a slum, it is a dangerous and ruthless world. But there is always one or more reasons which explain why they're here, and it is these reasons that allow us to understand, to learn, who are they, as human being and not as "Slum people". We put too many labels on people, so scared to recognize ourselves and keep the feeling, that situation, for example, is far from us, that can never happen. However... Rewarding but tough, it's a challenge, you need first of all to be accepted and to deserve their confidence. Children playing in the sewers with dead rats, drug traffickers that surround the slums, shootings, fire. I almost die twice there ... But despite the dangers, it's the most realistic world, made up of families, generosity, love and greatness. There is much to learn from slums and those who are struggling every day here to survive.

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  • Pierre Le Corf

    We all have a story. Battles, dreams, failures, life tips to share. I invested everything I owned and went across the world to meet the ordinary heroes in 20 countries for 16 months with the aim of giving value to these stories, aiding knowledge through media, and with a little luck, inspiring people every day.


    All these stories are not only life stories, it is a knowledge acquired through experiences of every person, in every country. This is an essential knowledge for us and future generations. Since we were children, our education has been conditioned by experiences and through the influences of our own parents, themselves taught by their parents who formalised their world view through their life experiences and that of their parents. An infinite and ongoing process. This project has no affiliation with regard to race, religion or social status. This is a study of human beings.


    I am convinced of one thing, which also motivates the risks I take every day in certain countries: I think the biggest issue of the society in which we live, poverty, war, loneliness, etc. depend on a more complex mechanism exclusively based on the perception we have of the other. If we get to know and try to understand each other, our cultures, choices and backgrounds, I am convinced that this could impact our global and human relationships, with regards to empathy, solidarity benefitting positive social change. Nothing very utopian, just opening our eyes a little wider.

    We have much to learn from each other and can not be limited by appearances, as we are all students, teachers and humans, regardless the way we perceive each others lives.


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  • Become citizen volunteer


    The main objective of this project is to develop a CITIZEN platform that will allow you to travel differently. Whatsoever while traveling or from your own country, make yourself useful and submit the stories you collect and benefiting of networks in different cities and countries (NGO's, schools, slums, Communities ...) No obligations, you publish when you want, when you can. A great purpose to interact with new people, learn every day and inspire others. Already dozens of people applied, it's a great news !








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