• Open letter to the

    President of the French Republic

    Delivered to Mr Hollande, Mr Macron in March 2017.

  • People voices and important ressources

    Main publications for the past 2 years. It gather dozens of people testimonies and proofs about the war and humanitarian situation in Aleppo. All the contents, pictures, videos are strictly free to use if not deformed or used out of context. Since I arrived I distributed to medias my pictures at the condition they talk about the life in Aleppo and our realities.

    Some of the testimonials of the past few months that I have published on social networks, to illustrate this letter and so you can understand, make your own opinion. I repeat, I am not here to tell you what to believe or what to think, I am  simply asking you, if you are interested, to read, to step back. If any media tells you from their office in Paris what is happening here, well, let me share what's happening here, from here. I could publish the countless testimonies collected by  the Russian medias here, terrible testimonies, but obviously many would come to use them to destroy my message and  that of those who live here, because it's Russian. This war is a war, there is no good war, no all white nor all black, many  people died under the bombs of planes, the artillery bombings, no good reason for that, but I ask you to step back on the version you were sold at any price. So that you understand why, how and especially who. This war must remain a lesson for all of us who have supported it blindly, trusting too much in spite of our mistrust.


    Different publications to translate the reality of those who live here, to try to testify myself and open a window on life in Aleppo during the war.



    I published very little graphics contents, to focus on life, it was also difficult to take pictures most of the time, question of respect. But death was there every day.


    Writing to transmit but also to be able to take it off from my mind.


    Sometimes in videos, I could no longer find the words with the war and what it implied inside of me.


    OTHER - To see: The first 9 days of war in Aleppo by Issa Touma goo.gl/lhhp6O


      To understand my presence. I do my best to help, support, build etc. In different countries in recent years with my own resources and I will continue for the next year here in Aleppo if not more ... but whatever the sacrifices or risks taken, there are hundreds of people already fighting all the Days for years to help people survive, to continue, long before I set foot in Syria, some gave their lives for it. I am only a small drop of water today and does not deserve so much honors. Hundreds of messages, thousands of followers, ... thank you, it is really encouraging, but many are fighting here for a long time and we do not talk enough, I do not like to be on the But I have no choice, I have to testify ... even if the ocean is made up of water drops united together, even if each one brings something, make no mistake, they Are the true heroes today.



    Few media links about the work here


    Express: http://goo.gl/Kcpa1N
    France 24: http://goo.gl/2gIJ5b
    Sputnik: goo.gl/868x8B
    France3: goo.gl/q9yfQs
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    FranceBleue: goo.gl/z7PoHG
    OuestFrance: goo.gl/56M3nC

    Hebdo mag: goo.gl/KDnndt

    Al-Mayadeen goo.gl/JSn3cZ



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